Our Mission

Izzy Care aims to become the one membership for all your health and wellness needs, delivering the best patient experience at the lowest cost.

We envision a future where the basic human right of quality healthcare is accessible to all, without exception.

No longer can patients be excluded or penalized based on their gender, sexuality, race, or income, nor the presence or absence of any disability, mental illness or chronic condition.

Izzy Care connects its members to their own personal doctor

Our Platform

Collaborative Care Team

Each Izzy Care member is matched with his or her own collaborative care team, consisting of a board-certified family medicine physician, licensed psychotherapist, and nutrition & wellness coach.

For a flat monthly fee, members are granted unlimited, 24/7 access to their care teams, with whom they can discuss a range of topics including chronic conditions, urgent care, depression & anxiety, women’s health and more. Care teams can also order medications to a member’s local pharmacy, as well make referrals to local specialists if need be.

IZZY Care App & AI

All of this is made easily accessible to members via the Izzy Care app, where they can connect with their care teams via encrypted and HIPAA compliant messaging and live video, and view their comprehensive health records.

Izzy, our artificial intelligence bot, helps care teams by automating tasks like scheduling, administering question-based assessments (e.g. a PHQ-9 for depression), and checking in with members on their symptoms and progress.

Blockchain-Based Wellness Rewards

Izzy Care members are rewarded for achieving their own personal health goals with the IZZY token, an ERC-20 standard utility token on the Ethereum network. These tokens can then be redeemed in the Izzy Care app, granting members additional savings on the cost of their care.

Utilizing data from wearables, IoT devices, and fitness-tracking applications, in combination with smart contracts, ensures that rewards are received by our members when they invest their time and energy into achieving their goals think of it as mining cryptocurrency by simply hitting your daily step count.

Future Developments



Private Beta Launched



Open Nationwide Sign-Ups for Web App (U.S.)



Publish Peer-Review Research on Model



Launch of Mobile Clients (iOS, Android)



First Issuing of Tokenized Wellness Rewards to Members



Token Rewards for Opt-In Data Sharing with Researchers



Implementation of Voting / Staking Mechanisms



Launch Enrollment Sign-Ups for Insurance Product

Problems Facing Healthcare

Izzy Care’s founding stemmed one key realization: today’s healthcare system is fundamentally flawed, with numerous problems facing both patients and their providers.

Rising Cost of Healthcare

The average healthcare cost per person in OECD countries exceeds $5,000 USD per year. In the U.S., that number exceeded $10,000 per year in 2016, and is expected to hit nearly $15,000 per year by 2023.

Unequal Access to Care

Rural and less densely populated areas across the globe experience a large disparity in access to care, and as such have a higher chance to suffer more often from chronic conditions. than their urban counterparts.

Separation of Mental and Physical Health

Collaborative care, or the integration of general and behavioral healthcare, has been shown again and again in studies to be more effective than traditional primary care alone in treating chronic conditions. Unfortunately, it isn’t very common in today’s health ecosystem, where physical and behavioral health are treated as separate entities.

“Cookie Cutter” Approach to Treatment

The current “cookie cutter” or “one-size-fits-all” approach is pervasive in healthcare, leaving treatment that is tailored to the individual to be quite rare, even when it has been shown to drastically increase positive outcomes for many patients, perhaps most notably for cancer patients.

Healthcare Provider Burnout

Physician burnout remains a pervasive issue, with 42% of physicians reporting burnout .according to Medscape’s latest report, often due to things outside of direct patient care, such as insurance billing, charting, administrative tasks, and dealing with difficult-to-use technology.

Izzy Care’s solution tackles these problems head-on. Members have unlimited access via telemedicine to highly personalized care from a dedicated, collaborative care team. Our technology streamlines workflows and simultaneously increases both engagement and cost-savings, enabling care teams to focus on what they do best — caring for patients.

Token Distribution

[600M IZZY]

The pricing for both the pre- and public sale is set at

800 IZZY = 1ETH

Reserved for Bounties

Subsidised Membership for Low Income Families

Founders, Advisors, Non-Profit Partners

187.5k ETH Hardcap

62.5k ETH hardcap



The Guys that make stuff work

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